I started jewelry without jewels back in 2005 after I graduated from college. I found an old fabric necklace in my mom's jewelry box and thought it looked cool and unique. I ripped apart an old Lilly Pulitzer skirt and the rest was history. For the past 8 years, my necklaces have been sold in stores, at trunk shows and at holiday boutiques along the East Coast. jewelry without jewels has grown a lot since I first started that summer afternoon. My customers never cease to amaze me with their ideas and they provide me with a lot of inspiration. jewelry without jewels pieces are now considered not "just" necklaces, but also bracelets, headbands, accessories on straw hats, keychains, etc. There are so many ways to wear jewelry without jewels! Made of soft cotton or silk, they can dress up a polo and jeans or even add a little bit of pop to your favorite summer dress. Wear one outside a turtleneck in the winter and remind everyone of the sunshine that's not too far off.

I'm so lucky to have a business that's so much fun. Whether I'm spending an afternoon poking around in the fabric store, searching for the next beautiful design to catch my eye, to meeting all sorts of people when I sell necklaces at shows and boutiques, jewelry without jewels makes it easy for me to tell people that I truly love what I do.